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comma checker onlineThe comma is the most frequently used mark of punctuation within the sentence and it performs a function that appears to be simple. The commas job is to separate one word, phrase, or clause from another. Determining whether or not the words, phrases or clauses should be separated is what often proves to be difficult. In many cases most people have no difficulty following grammar rules for commas such as:

  • Use commas to separate items in a series.
  • Use a comma after introductory adverbs.
  • Use a comma to separate each element in an address. Also use a comma after a city-state combination within a sentence.

The rules listed above tell the reader where a comma may be used. However not every rule for comma usage is as easy to follow as the following demonstrate rules demonstrate:

  • Do not ordinarily put a comma between an adjective or adverb and a following word or phrase that it modifies. When an adjective or adverb follows the modified word, usually set off the adjective, but not the adverb, with a pair of commas.
  • Don’t ordinarily put a comma after a conjunction just because what follows is an introductory word, phrase, or clause. This rule applies not only to coordinating conjunctions such as and, but, and or but to subordinating conjunctions such as that, if, and when

Somebody wanting to do a quick comma check to determine whether or not a situation calls for it is likely to just eliminate the entire sentence out of frustration and avoid commas forever after. However, we provide a free comma checker online that can determine if you should use a comma without having to decode the comma rule.

Good Grammar Is Important

punctuation checker onlineHaving good grammar skills is essential to succeed in many fields. Even those areas of your life where good grammar isn’t a necessity can still benefit from it. Having good grammar skills can contribute in a positive manner to your career including:

  • Good grammar improves communication skills which are valued traits in leaders and managers.
  • Using grammar correctly can increase effectiveness as there is less miscommunication and important information in clearly conveyed.
  • Good grammar can save money. A misplaced comma on a big contract can alter its meaning and cost a company millions
  • Good grammar contributes to academic success

Students, business employees, business owners and professionals from virtually every field communicate through the written word, whether in letters, reports, papers, essays and other documents. We provide a free online grammar checker that anybody can use to help improve their written documents and their grammar skills.

Eliminate Grammatical Errors from Your Text Documents

free online grammar checkerUsing our comma checker online allows you to submit grammatically correct papers and improve your writing skills even when some grammar rules confuse you. Using a punctuation checker online lets you see where you made mistakes and how to correct them, improving your understanding of grammar as well as your writing skills. The areas our checker will help with are as follows:

  • Locate and correct punctuation mistakes
  • Locate and correct different types of grammatical errors
  • Find and correct spelling mistakes and words used in the wrong context
  • Locate instances of plagiarism so they can be dealt with

Using our checker is fast and efficient and can save you many hours of work. Performing a grammar and punctuation check can improve various documents considerably and allows you to submit well-polished reports or other documents while developing your own skills and it is free with no obligation attached.

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