9 Biggest Comma and Punctuation Checker Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

comma and punctuation checkerDo you want to learn the biggest comma mistakes that a comma and punctuation checker can help you with? Do you want someone to check my commas? Writing isn’t an easy task as well as ensuring that the final output does not have grammatical and punctuation mistakes. If you want to learn of the most annoying mistakes that you might commit when using commas in your sentence, check out the following.

9 Biggest Punctuation Mistakes and How to Avoid with Check My Grammar

  1. Using a comma to separate a subject and a verb or predicate
  2. Comma splice that happens when you use a comma when separating two independent clauses that are not joined by a coordinating conjunction that includes ‘but, or, so, yet’
  3. Using one between at least two noun clauses, nouns or noun phrases in a compound subject or compound predicate
  4. Writing one between verbs that talks about or refers to a similar subject
  5. Using one between at least two verb phrases or verbs in a compound predicate
  6. Writing one after a main clause when its subordinate clause follows right immediately
  7. Using one in front of the word ‘that’
  8. Not using commas when separating items in a list or a series
  9. Not using one when needed

How Sentence Checker Can Help

comma punctuation checkerIt can help you grammar check commas and it will not give you any hassles at all. The comma punctuation checker does not need any installation or download onto your PC because it can be used straight from the website itself. It is advantageous for all types of users, including professors, writers, professionals, students and business owners. It can also check all kinds of writing documents, from research papers to presentations and newsletters, among others.

How to Use Comma Punctuation Checker

The grammar corrector is very easy to use. The only thing left for you to do is to visit the site and then start using it. Just copy and paste your text from your document or just type your text directly onto the textbox. When done, you can press the button so that the tool can begin its job of checking your paper. After, you can get the results and copy and paste it onto your word processor. Finally, you can apply finishing touches and final edit your paper before printing, submitting or publishing.

Why Use Grammar Corrector

If you don’t want to submit an erroneous research paper or essay to your teacher or professor, then you definitely have to use the check my grammar tool. It helps you get rid of the mistakes that might disappoint your professor and give you a poor grade. You should also use the tool if you are a business owner who wants to create an impressive business letter or brochure for your company.

Tips from Punctuation Checker

comma and punctuation checker

Spend enough time in proofreading your paper to ensure it does not contain any errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. You should also see to it that you do not use a comma when separating two independent clauses that are not joined by a coordinating clause, such as ‘yet, but, or, so.’ Use a comma when making a pause or shift in your sentence. Most importantly, use a comma when needed in the sentence to avoid misreading and confusion.

Refer to this guide if you want to polish your blogs, essays, brochures, presentations and other written documents using the tips as well as the tool to help you correct your sentences and paragraphs.

Use our comma and punctuation checker today!