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comma checkTo perform a thorough comma check is one of the best things you can do to ensure you are not misusing it in your sentence. However, this is a common problem for many and that they cannot check for their commas manually. Check out this guide to help you learn of the most common mistakes as well as tips to check my comma usage. Later, you will learn about a tool that can help in correcting your punctuation and grammar.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid with Grammar Check Commas

grammar check commasUsing a comma in separating the topic or subject from the predicate in the sentence is one of the most common mistakes in comma use. Another is using a comma when separating a verb from the object in the sentence. Additionally, some writers use a comma after the coordinating conjunction, but it’s also incorrect. Another is using a comma in introducing restrictive modifiers. The grammar comma usage checker can help solve these common mistakes because it is programmed to comply with the standards of the English language and one of its functions is checking for comma usage. In the process, you can avoid errors in using commas.

How It Can Help

check commasThe punctuation checker can help because it can detect for common comma errors as well as it can suggest changes you can make in order to correct your paper. It complies with all the rules in punctuation, so it can also detect for other mistakes on using it.

How to Use Tool to Check Commas

Using the checker is no hassle. In fact, you don’t need to download it on your PC, but just head over the website and locate the text box where you can input your sentence or paragraph. If text is from word, all you have to do is to copy and paste it onto the box before pressing the button that will check the punctuation and grammar. Wait for the results, which should be ready in a few seconds.

Why Use Sentence Checker

comma check

You should use the online punctuation checker because it lets you polish your paper without any hassles and spending. Did you know that you could check for multiple papers using it without spending a dime? You can just imagine how much you will save in the process for not having to hire an editor or proofreader to check your paper. You can also make use of it in an instant because it is online-based, meaning you can polish your paper no matter where you are.

Tips for Comma Check

  1. Experts at check my grammar suggested that one should use a comma when separating two independent clauses to avoid run-on sentences.
  2. You should also use a pair of it in the middle of your sentence to separate clauses off, as well as words and phrases, which are not important in the sentence.
  3. Avoid using a comma to separate essential parts of the sentence, including clauses that start with ‘that’ – because clauses after a noun are important.
  4. Use a comma when separating at least three phrases or words in a series.
  5. Use it when separating at least two coordinate adjectives, which describe the same noun.
  6. You can use a comma to indicate a shift or pause or near the end of your sentence in setting off coordinate elements.
  7. Use a comma when shifting, especially in sentence with a quotation.
  8. A comma is also used in setting off phrases at the sentence end, if such refer to the beginning of the text. They are called free modifiers that can be put anywhere in the text without causing to the confusion of the reader.
  9. Use it when setting off items in dates, geographical names and addresses as well as titles in names.
  10. Use it when needed to avoid misreading and confusion.

There you have ways on how to check commas and benefits to get by using a checker for it. Remember these tips and avoid the common mistakes in comma usage.

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