Proper Grammar Comma Usage Checker

“I want to check my grammar,” you’re saying. To do so, check out the following for handy tips, common mistakes and ways the checker can help.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid with Checker

grammar comma usage checkerThere are many common comma mistakes that people commit when writing their sentences, and such errors often lead to the confusion of their readers. One of those mistakes is committing a comma splice error that happens when joining two independent clauses, but not using a coordinating conjunction, such as ‘but, or, so, yet, nor’ in the sentence. Another mistake is when you use it when separating two verbs that refer to one subject in the sentence. For example, some people write, “He danced for 10 minutes, and walked for 30 minute.” The correct way to do it is to write, “He danced for 10 minutes and walked for 30 minutes.” This why you most definitely would need a proper comma placement check.

How Grammar Check for Commas Can Help

grammar check for commasThe tool to grammar check comma use can help in many ways. For one, it can detect all types of punctuation mistakes without any hassles, and such checking will include detecting mistakes in apostrophes, colons, semicolons and periods, among others. The tool can also spot for grammar and spelling mistakes. In the process, you don’t only check for punctuation but also on other aspects of your writing. It can also give you useful suggestions on how to check your text and improve sentence structure, word choice and parallelism, among others.

How to Use Grammar Check for Comma Use

grammar check comma useUsing the online comma checker does not require so much time. In fact, you can use it in an instant. All you have to do is to visit the site and look for the text box, where you can type in your text or copy and paste it from your word processor. When done, you just have to press the button to start the checking and then wait for the results, which should be ready in a few seconds. After, you can copy and paste the text back into word processor and proofread it once more to check for other mistakes. You can print out your paper when done and you’re sure it does not contain any mistakes anymore.

Why Use Grammar Checker

grammar comma usage checker

Use the checker to ensure your paper is free from any types of grammar, punctuation and spelling error. You don’t need to pay or download it before using, making it the go-to tool for people who want to ensure their submissions are free from English writing mistakes.

Tips from English Grammar Check

There are handy tips to use when checking for commas. You should use it when separating two independent clauses, which are joined by a coordinating conjunction, such as ‘but, or, so, and, yet.’ This is to avoid run-on sentences. Another is to use a pair of comma in the middle of the sentence when setting off a phrase, terms or words that are not essential for the sentence. You should avoid using it when separating two verbs that refer to only one subject in your sentence. Bottom line is to use a comma when needed to avoid confusion of your readers.

Refer to this guide for accurate paper checking and for tips in using the sentence corrector.

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