Where Can I Check My Comma Usage?

To check my comma usage is the main aspect of writing hepatology fellowship personal statement or any other important document or paper. Misusing it can cause confusion and misreading.

If you want to polish your paper in its entirety, do not skip the part of checking for use of comma. See this post and discover common mistakes in grammar check for commas and ways to correct them using the free corrector.

How Check My Commas Tool Can Help

check my comma usageYou’re saying, “I want to check my paper for commas.” You are not alone, as this is common concern among students and professionals. If you are unfamiliar of comma usage, you can use our corrector that can ensure that your paper is free not only from comma mistakes but also from errors in other punctuations like colons, periods and semicolons, among others. This comma placement checker can instantly check your paper for errors that you cannot spot on it without you having to do it manually.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid with Sentence Checker

  1. Using a comma when separating the subject from its predicate or verb
  2. Putting one between two verb phrases or verbs in a compound predicate
  3. Putting one between two noun phrases, nouns and noun clauses in a compound object or subject
  4. Using a comma after a main clause when its subordinate clause follows
  5. Writing one in front of ‘that’
  6. Using it to separate two verbs that refer to the same subject in the sentence (Example: Incorrect—She ran, and rested after; Correct—She ran and rest after
  7. Committing a comma splice that happens by linking two independent clauses with a comma that isn’t using a coordinating conjunction, such as ‘but, or, yet, so…’

How to Use Check My Paper for Commas Checker

check my commasIf you want to use the online punctuation checker for your paper, there is no worry, as it can check your paper anytime and anywhere you are there’s an online connection. With it, you don’t have to download software on your PC. All you need to get started is to copy and paste the text onto the box or type directly onto it and then submit through pressing the button. When done, wait for the results and then copy and paste your text back onto your word processor.

Why Use Grammar Corrector

check my paper for commasUse it so that you can polish your paper from errors, not only from punctuation but also from grammar, including sentence structure, word choice, subject and verb agreement, pronouns and other parts of speech. It is convenient, allowing you to check multiple essays in one day, and it is free, letting you save money and spend for other expenses in school.

check my comma usage

Tips for Checking Commas

  1. Check my commas tool recommends not using a comma when two independent clauses are connected by a coordinating conjunction (so, but, or, nor…)
  2. Use it after an introductory clause, phrase or words coming right before your main clause.
  3. Use one in the middle of your sentence in setting off phrases, words or clauses, which are unessential to the sentence.
  4. Avoid using it when setting off important parts of your sentences, such as a clause that starts with ‘that.’
  5. Use comma when separating items in a list or a series.

Refer to this guide to learn of the proper ways of using the punctuation corrector as well as a couple of tips to avoid common mistakes in commas.

Check my comma usage today!